Relax, Create and Be Inspired!

Artiste Art and Craft classes are developed so participants may learn art and craft techniques, relax, have fun and get excited about creating some art. All classes are easy to do and participants are encouraged to use their own style. 

Hanging Decorative Mandala

Come and join us for an evening of relaxation while creating a unique mandala! Drawing these ancient spiritual symbols has been proven to be a great exercise for relaxation and mindfulness. Participants will learn basic drawing elements and apply them while drawing three simple mandala pieces step by step. The final design will then be created by adding ribbon to connect the three pieces into one decorative hanging. $23.00 all materials included

Gratitude Origami Box

Have fun learning how to create a functional piece of origami! Origami is the art of paper folding where the goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished piece. This class will begin with participants creating their own decorative paper using tissue paper, colored pencils, alcohol inks and markers. Participants will then create a square origami box step by step and decoupage the box with layers of their unique decorative paper. The class finishes by creating small cards of gratitude to include as keepsakes in the final piece. $23.00 all materials included

Upcycled Embossed Metal Star

Shoot for the moon with this unique embossed metal stellar piece! This class will begin with participants learning the basics of metal embossing and then using a template to guide them in creating simple imagery on a metal star. Participants will then use decorative paper to decoupage a larger metal star on which the embossed piece is mounted. The class finishes with coloring the mounted star with alcohol inks. $23.00 all materials included, new metal roasting pans will be used for this project as an example for an upcycled item

Watercolor Zen Garden

Create a fanciful flower garden with watercolor and meditative drawing! Focusing on mindfulness and relaxation, this step by step class will begin with participants painting a watercolor background and simple shapes on paper. Basic drawing elements will then be taught and applied step by step to the watercolor marks finishing the piece. $23.00 all materials included


Zentangle® is an easy-to-learn, very relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Through its meditative qualities, it increases focus and creativity and provides an increased sense of peace and personal well being. Classes are taught by Certified Zentangle® Teacher Cindy O’Brien, a North Attleboro, MA resident.

O’Brien has developed four independent introductory classes which include learning five new tangles (drawings made with a line, dot or circle) and two repeated tangles for each class and then applying the tangles to O’Brien’s uniquely created image – sun, bird, moon or heart – which you will draw step-by-step to complete. All images are drawn in outline so that you may then take it home and color it in!

Zentangle® Sun – Learn Tangles: Knightsbridge, Printemps, Knase, Snail, Flux, Msst and Zinger.

Zentangle® Bird – Learn Tangles: Florz, Printemps, Meer, Tagh, Tortuca, Ynix and Zinger.

Zentangle® Moon – Learn Tangles: Finery, Printemps, Keeko, Raddox, Zander, Ibex and Zinger.

Zentangle® Heart – Learn Tangles: Bales, Cyme, Onamato, Printemps, Poke Leaf, Crescent Moon and Zinger.